QPAC A320 Sim at TU Dresden (German TV coverage)


A320 V2 Tutorial Cold Start


A320 V2 Tutorial MCDU DIRTO


A320 V2 Tutorial Autoland


A320 V2 First Flight


Airbus Cockpit Views


Airbus A320 Fly By Wire Demo

Copyright Airbus This video is a good point to get familiar with the A320 FBW system. The aircraft used in the video is A320 MSN001, the flight test aircraft. It has some features which the production aircraft don't have (production aircraft is what we simulate): The AoA indicator next to the PFD is not present on production aircraft, therefore we don't have it During the High Angle of Attack protection demonstration, the pilot deactivates "Alpha Floor" (i.e. the engines spooling up) with the flick of a switch. to our understanding, this is a feature on the test aircraft to allow proper test of the "Alpha Prot" function. The possibility to cancel "Alpha Floor" while still in a high AoA regime does not exist on production aircraft. During the Alpha Prot demonstration, you can see that the pitch is limited to 25 degrees up. This is because the aircraft is in configuration full; otherwise the limit would be 30 degrees. This is not yet simulated on the QPAC A320, but it is on the list of things to improve in the near future.


Video from A320 V1.1

Video demonstrating the Freeware from our Girlsday 2011: