X-Plane Airbus A330-300 available using QPAC FBW including:

Detailed modeling

  • 3D Cockpit - HD Texturing
  • Full 3D exterior model
Aircraft Systems 
  • Electrical - Hydraulic
  • Complete ADIRU modeled
  • ILS and VOR work together
  • Customized ECAM with Airbus flight phase logic
  • ILS auto-align
  • All Airbus AP modes modeled (except non-precision approach and LOC backcourse)
  • Complete HDG-VS and TRK-FPA modes
  • 2 independent autopilots (AP1, AP2)
MCDU and Flight Management
  • Custom MCDU
  • Based on XP native data
  • Both MCDUs  are modeled
  • Curved trajectories with the turn radius properly computed based on speed and angular turn distance.
  • Pop-up MCDUs
  • Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus fly-by-wire system.

3 engines variants

  • Rolls Royce Trent 700
  • General Electric CF6-80E1
  • Pratt & Whitney  PW4000
  • 10 paint schemes included

Release Note Version 2.02

So, what's new? 

Popup MCDU:

You can get a large MCDU by clicking on the screen of the small MCDU. The large MCDU can be dragged around by the mouse and you can use your computer keyboard to enter text in it (as long as the mouse pointer is hovering over the popup MCDU.

New MCDU pages:

We added the PROG page (without any of the performance-related features; performance prediction is in the scope of the higher versions only)
Also new: The lateral revision page allowing to choose a new destination airport for inflight diversions
Another new one: The arrival/departure page for selection of the runway used for take-off/landing.

FMS file based SID/STAR:

The backbone of our FMGS is now good enough to fully support SID/STAR generation and execution - the use of navigraph data is reserved for the Plus and Premium versions, but we give you a little work around by allowing to save parts of a flight plan you created as fms-based SID and STAR files and insert them later before or after the flight plan. This allows - after thorough flight preparation to change your chosen approach quickly in flight. SID/STAR creation and usage is described in detail in the tutorial that ships with the package.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel UFMC support, but instead we added the SID/STAR algorithms

ILS auto tuning:

If you select the departure and arrival runway via the appropriate FMGS page, the ILS for departure and arrival will be tuned automatically!

Experience improvements:

We added papelin's panel mod as part of the package (thanks papelin for your permission.)

We also added flyboy2006's HD sound package as part of the package. (thanks flyboy2006 for your permission!)

Concerning the manuals:

Unfortunately, time ran out to completely finalize the manuals. We will do this in the coming weeks and post the manuals here.

3rd party software compatibility:

We are now fully compatible with X-FMC.

We are also compatible with Autogate and most pushback plugin

With AirFMC, you can put our MCDU on an iPad.




A350 XWB

The A350XWB is a new generation of long-range twin-engine airliner. The A350 incorporates all the latest technology available with composite materials, high tech systems and a revolutionary design.
This model by Flight Factor is just as revolutionary for the flight sim market and X-Plane 10  with an unprecedented level of details and simulated systems. Thanks to its intuitive interface it can also be used by advanced and new users alike.
Superb 3D Modeling
  • Complete Virtual cockpit in high-resolution
  • Fully animated in and out -High-Resolution Textures
  • Ground equipment support including stairs, loaders, passenger buses, GPUs etc.
  • 3D people inside and outside the plane  - Nicely modeled cabin
  • Scroll wheel support for switch manipulation
Advanced Systems
  • Fully customized aircraft systems: electric, hydraulic, air conditioning, ADIRU
  • Fully customized ECAM monitoring system with all screens and functions included
  • Fully functional airbus style alert system with multiple status and procedural lists
  • Fully functional interactive airbus electronic checklist system
  • Airbus A350/A380 unique interfaces with dozens of screens and hundreds of function
  • Fully customized and unique MFD (multifunctional display) system with most of flight planning pages implemented in a new graphical interface, as well as FCU and radio backups just like on the real plane
  • Full OIS screen system with options, ground equipment control, passenger and cargo loading, and even a full user's  manual inside the plane.
  • Old style MCDU and fully functional aux instruments as backup
  • Custom failures
Advanced  Fly-by-Wire and Flight systems
  • Full FBW with Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus normal laws by QPAC -the most realistic fly-by-wire implementation for desktop flight simulation.
  • Basic SID/STAR implementation using X-plane fms-files that you can create yourself and share with the community.
  • "What you see is what you fly" flight path indication on the ND (i.e. curved trajectories with the turn radius properly computed based on speed and angular turn distance.)
  • Implementation of all Airbus AP modes, except some non-precision approach modes (Selected and managed modes, speed constraints respected, "at or below" constraints in phase climb, "at or above" constraints in phase descent.)
  • Full PFD and ND displays with fully independent display and different data sources for the captain and copilot displays.
  • Independent autopilots
Custom 3D Sounds
  • Custom 3D stereo engine sound system
  • Hundreds of system and in-cockpit sounds
  • Interactive flight attendant helper
Seven Liveries included in the package
  • Airbus Carbon, Air France, Airbus House colors, Qatar, Lufthansa, United Airlines
Developed by Flight Factor



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QPAC A320 Sim at TU Dresden (German TV coverage)


A320 V2 Tutorial Cold Start


A320 V2 Tutorial MCDU DIRTO


A320 V2 Tutorial Autoland


A320 V2 First Flight


Airbus Cockpit Views



Airbus A320 Fly By Wire Demo

Copyright Airbus This video is a good point to get familiar with the A320 FBW system. The aircraft used in the video is A320 MSN001, the flight test aircraft. It has some features which the production aircraft don't have (production aircraft is what we simulate): The AoA indicator next to the PFD is not present on production aircraft, therefore we don't have it During the High Angle of Attack protection demonstration, the pilot deactivates "Alpha Floor" (i.e. the engines spooling up) with the flick of a switch. to our understanding, this is a feature on the test aircraft to allow proper test of the "Alpha Prot" function. The possibility to cancel "Alpha Floor" while still in a high AoA regime does not exist on production aircraft. During the Alpha Prot demonstration, you can see that the pitch is limited to 25 degrees up. This is because the aircraft is in configuration full; otherwise the limit would be 30 degrees. This is not yet simulated on the QPAC A320, but it is on the list of things to improve in the near future.


Video from A320 V1.1

Video demonstrating the Freeware from our Girlsday 2011: