Were do we download an updated version? 

To get the new version just log into the .org store and download it again.

What is the pricing if I upgrade? 

An upgrade from a lower version is possible at any time for just the price difference between the two versions, so you don’t lose any money by trying out the simpler versions first and upgrade as you look for new challenges..

Is the Freeware shall available for download?

With the availability of version 2.0 we will not continue to support the freeware and will not offer the freeware for download.

The freeware version did not work with X-Plane 10, 64 bit. The actual version of our A320 is compatible with XP10 64 bit so it should work even if the freeware did not.

Do you have a tutorial video?

Tutorial videos are actually in production. Preliminary version is available in YouTube.

Further Videos will displayed in the dedicated Video section.

Screen Resolution

Please set the screen resolution to 1600 x 900.