ILA 2014 - a great show has come to an end

A320 Flight Deck Replica

QPAC can now confirm the general opinion, that ILA 2014 has been a big success for our company during the trade visitors days, as well as during the public days.

A lot of highly productive meetings with regular customers were conducted, and as a result, the collaborations will become even more efficient and fruitful. Further, very interesting new contacts were made with a strongly positive response, and we are confident that those will be translated into important future projects, from Research and Development to Engineering.

During the whole show, no one was able to resist our A320 Flight simulator X-plane plug-in, displayed in collaboration with DLR on a cockpit flight simulator hardware with working replicas of the actual controls and indicators as well as large displays. All visitors experienced great pleasure in flying with the simulator – from young kids to experienced professionals.

Even the most professional visitors greatly appreciated the latest improvements in the plug-in - it has become even more detailed and realistic than the first release and it includes many new features that were not available in the freeware version. 

Special thanks for their visits on our BBAA-QPAC booth to: 

  • Stefan Zimmermann – Senior Vice President Corporate Programs Rolls RoyceILA 2014
  • Stephan Eelman – Research & Technology Director, Boeing Germany
  • Kathrin Schneider – Staatssekretärin Brandenburg
  • Peter Effenberger - ZAB Teamleiter Verkehr, Mobilität, Logistik 
  • Roland Gerhards – CEO Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung
  • Prof.Dr. iur Eike Albrecht – BTU Cottbus Senftenberg
  • Prof. Dr. Ing Matthias Ziegenhorn – BTU Cottbus Senftenberg
  • Dr. Oleksiy Antoshkiv– BTU Cottbus Senftenberg

Last but not the least, a note of appreciation to the staff for presenting QPAC in such a professional way during the whole show. 

 Summing the ILA 2014 up, we can say that we had a lot of interesting meetings with important people so that we will be able to not only strengthen our position, but also improve and amplify our range. Looking forward to ILA 2016!