Release Note Version 2.02

So, what's new? 

Popup MCDU:

You can get a large MCDU by clicking on the screen of the small MCDU. The large MCDU can be dragged around by the mouse and you can use your computer keyboard to enter text in it (as long as the mouse pointer is hovering over the popup MCDU.

New MCDU pages:

We added the PROG page (without any of the performance-related features; performance prediction is in the scope of the higher versions only)
Also new: The lateral revision page allowing to choose a new destination airport for inflight diversions
Another new one: The arrival/departure page for selection of the runway used for take-off/landing.

FMS file based SID/STAR:

The backbone of our FMGS is now good enough to fully support SID/STAR generation and execution - the use of navigraph data is reserved for the Plus and Premium versions, but we give you a little work around by allowing to save parts of a flight plan you created as fms-based SID and STAR files and insert them later before or after the flight plan. This allows - after thorough flight preparation to change your chosen approach quickly in flight. SID/STAR creation and usage is described in detail in the tutorial that ships with the package.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel UFMC support, but instead we added the SID/STAR algorithms

ILS auto tuning:

If you select the departure and arrival runway via the appropriate FMGS page, the ILS for departure and arrival will be tuned automatically!

Experience improvements:

We added papelin's panel mod as part of the package (thanks papelin for your permission.)

We also added flyboy2006's HD sound package as part of the package. (thanks flyboy2006 for your permission!)

Concerning the manuals:

Unfortunately, time ran out to completely finalize the manuals. We will do this in the coming weeks and post the manuals here.

3rd party software compatibility:

We are now fully compatible with X-FMC.

We are also compatible with Autogate and most pushback plugin

With AirFMC, you can put our MCDU on an iPad.